Sunday, July 8, 2012

Time flying by....

Why is that the school year seems to go on and on and on....but the 12 weeks of summer (assuming the children aren't fighting) flies!  The thing I love most about the summer is swimming---NOT being in a swimsuit mind you, but being in the pool.  Jason loves swimming too, so it is no surprise that from the moment the temperature hits a mere 70 degrees my girls begin asking "When can we swim--is papa's pool opened?"  However, this summer it has been too hot even for swimming.  So the girls and I have done a few new things.  I have taken on Zumba---can I say I love it?  I do it at the local Recplex and on our Wii.  So fun---and it does kick my butt.  Torie saved up her money and bought herself a "tablet"--however in order to use it more than 1/2 an hour---she has to use the treadmill---we are still working on that one some.  The girls have done the library reading program.  Which I love since it encourages reading.  Lyssie is struggling with reading quite a bit, and as a paranoid/concerned mom, I am having her tutored.  I guess I will be going to the Doctor to have her checked for ADHD to get the ball rolling (if you have met her you know why---the child NEVER stops moving, won't even sit down at dinner).  I feel very uneducated in this department and find myself very impatient with her when it comes to her reading struggles.  I don't mean to be hard on her---in fact I try SOOOOO hard not to be, but it's frustrating when she doesn't recognize a word she read only two lines before.  This is unfamiliar territory for me, although Torie struggled as well, it's something I don't understand.  Reading and School always came very easy for me, and although I am glad, it gives me little comprehension of why she can't get it.  I don't mean to sound harsh or uncompassionate, it's just foreign and I just want to say---just do it.  We will see how things look in the fall, but for now I am trying to figure out this new bag of worms.  Heaven help me!  But above all, may I have the patience of Job ---because nothing makes this mom feel worse than being impatient.

Monday, May 7, 2012

So many words.....

It seems as if I have been all over the board with emotions these last few months and fearing what I might or might NOT say, I haven't blogged.  So WHAT have I been doing---?  I am not sure I could fully say. 
     We just finished soccer season---for the first time both girls did indoor AND outdoor, which all in all would not have been a problem. However, they overlapped.  Can I say that I love indoor soccer?  It starts and ends quickly and you don't have to battle the weather.  Both girls played their little hearts out, but I think we are still learning to breathe again after having practice 4 nights a week.  I was NOT meant to be a soccer mom, and yet somehow I feel like one.
     These last few months I have been able to help out in Alyssa's class once a week and read in Torie's class every now and then.  I really enjoy being able to be involved with their "school life"---I know the kids, the nice, the mean, and all the others.  Plus knowing that my Torie will be in middle school next year, I have especially cherised this time. 
     Torie turned 11!  She is such a sweet girl---I couldn't have asked for more.  Her jokes are getting funnier and I love that she really confides in me.  I know what is going on with her and only hope that stays over the upcoming school years. 
     Jason and I made a trip to Chicago to celebrate 12 years of marriage.  We left the kids with Aaron and Patti and took the train up for 4 days.  It was great---full of learning about history, which I didn't know I like, but I do.  Lots of good food too.  And just a break, and remembering that we were once without children.  
 My first quilt---and it looks great in Torie's room! 
 Lyssie getting her "H.A.W.K." award---Helping Acts of Kindness!  Yea Lou lou!

 This is what happens when you shave your dog, your kids make dog fur art!
Torie and I at her 5th grade music review---she won't smile because of her underbite---SOOO SAD!

     I am also quilting---joined a quilting group, and really am learning a lot.  I finished my first quilt a week or so ago and can't stop braggin.  It's nice to have something that's mine---oh and did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE ZUMBA!  Done it twice now and it's so much fun!  Finally just getting and creating a life of my own, without a child under 5 attached at the hip. 
   SO now I am planning for summer, unfortunately sometimes the financial means cannot support my BIG it's down to figuring out what the girls really want to do.  What things does your family do for the summer?  

P.S. Sorry these pics are like in the middle randomly, but I still am technically challenged...!


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Medium

So here's the thing that I have noticed lately...Some people are waiting to be offended, while others easily say offensive things.  What does this mean?  While I hardly believe that we need to be politically correct all the time and need to sit in silence when we have an opinion, there are some people that it wouldn't hurt to curtail their tongues.  Being overly paranoid of hurting people  (literally it's on OCD thing)  I don't get why people blundtly say things that can and should be offensive.  On the other hand, I don't get why some people look for people to offend them.  I feel like I am talking in circles, but in reality there HAS got to be a happy medium.  We are teaching our children not to be bullied, but in some cases we make them hyper sensitive to comments that children just say with no mean intention.  If a kid says that they hate you and want to beat you up...YES bullying....if a kid says "you're hair is shorter than mine"  get over it.  Are we creating a generation of even more easily offended children incapable of letting things go?  As a parent often in this whole situation it's hard to know where to draw the line.  So simply put, this is my conclusion, try not to be offended unless there was intent and if it was forgive.  If you are the offender---recognize it, take accountability, work on controlling your tongue and apologies can go a long way!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's next?

The last few months I have thought often about posting and what to say and what NOT to here goes.
Many of you know that I have wanted three kids for pretty much as long as I can remember. 2 girls and 1 boy in that order. SOOOO far, so good, until about a year ago. With PCOS, well let's say the two I have in all reality are a miracle. And after much stress, and some heartache, my body and I together have more or less decided that #3 isn't going to enter this family. This isn't going to be some long post on infertility, cuz let's face it I have two and that is wonderful! Plus the two I have are pretty great and the third one could have been a screw up, so why risk it right?
The bigger issue that I am facing is being at a point in life I had in no way anticipated right now.
Yes, Lyssie went to school in the fall, and at first the idea of all day by myself was exciting, oh the places I would go and all the things I would do. But now, I am a bit of a lost soul, wondering what's next? Yes, I know the options are limitless---work, go back for more schooling, volunteer, lots of hobbies, Yada yada yada. But for real, I have come to the harsh conclusion that somewhere in the last ten years I forgot who I am without these sweet little attachments holding my hand all the time. I definately try to be more involved with them both at school, volunteering, having lunch with them, etc. Truth is I don't even know what I like....and I know I don't like cleaning the house and cooking ALLLLL the time. And apparently it must be a little lonely too, because I find myself talking to the dog far more often than one might consider normal. LOL! So all you Moms who have been there--help me out? What would be next for you?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ode to Denae---

Yes Denae...I know you have been waiting....waiting and waiting for this ode. Afterall--you are one of the few who reads and asks WHEN I am updating---so here goes.
Denae is my baby sister. No matter how old she is the 8 year gap will always make her a baby to me. When I was the only girl living in a house with 3 brothers, I desperately wanted a sister. I prayed EVERY night without fail for my sister when my mom was prego. Did I also tell you that at a very young age I would pray for my eyes to change to blue...but I digress. My Mom ALSO wanted a girl, but feared it would be another boy--so she convinced herself it was a boy. BUT as we all know it was NOT a boy, it was my Denae--or Nae nae as we called her for the first few years of her life.
My sister and I are quite different, but in many ways she is my hero. WHY you might ask...well let me begin. First of all she has a lot of courage. She has lived in Hawaii, downtown Chicago and now L.A. She is not afraid of venturing outside her comfort zone, and even managed to take her two young children to New Zealand. (And yes her hubby went too).
Second of all, Denae is candid and tough. She says what she thinks. I like to tiptoe around things, but if something is up Denae will not fear your opinion, she is confident in what she feels and believes. I think growing up with 4 older strongly opinionated siblings, she had to learn to express herself, and stand on her own. However, I do think it go her beat up a lot more from the boys, which in turn made her tough. Far tougher I might add than this overly sensitive soul that I am. I could use a little of that thick skin in my direction.
Denae has a great sense of humor. There is always a good laugh when she is nearby. For example: Recently her neighbor was sitting on Denae's chair in the patio area. Ben sat on it and it was wet. After the neighbor (who I might add, may have had a little too much to drink) left, Ben told Denae that he thought she peed it. Denae finding it a ridiculous idea, jokingly mentioned it to the neighbor the next day, saying "BEN WAS ACCUSING YOU OF PEEING THE CHAIR! " , who laughingly confessed she DID in fact pee in the chair. WHOOPS! Made for a good laugh, although I think I'd make my neighbor sit in her OWN chair next time. And for more proof of the humor thing read her blog---HILARIOUS! I laugh all the time when I read it.
Denae is very creative. She is an interior designer. She has a style that is all her own. And is always coming up with new innovative ways to design things in her home, and is happy to help others. I really miss that about her not being here anymore.
Above all, Denae is a good Mom. She loves those kids. They are her world. And she finds great joy in them. I miss my Nae-ners and am excited to see her in a few weeks for Thanksgiving. I am glad I prayed her here...and NOT just cuz I would have died if I'd had another BROTHER, but because I love her to death.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not a blogger?

I was recently informed by a person,---who will remain nameless--that I am not a blogger as I don't update it enough to be considered one. SOOOO in order to rectify this situation---I shall attempt to blog more frequently. HOWEVER, I am unsure as to how many people are actually reading it and therefore feel little need to update it as I am well aware of my own activities. SOOOO if you are reading --feel free to leave your comments or at least say---"I am reading", so I am not entirely wasting my time:)
That being said---I often don't write for fear that I might offend with my opinions--or bore you, sometimes thinking of something of TRUE excitement ---well it CAN be hard to come by, or the biggest reason as I have previously stated is that I have so much I would like to say, but then when I sit down it's like I hit a blank wall.
This summer has been full already and it's only the beginning of July. School ended for Torie and we said a HUGE "Hallelujah!" as she had a...mmmhhh...undermotivated teacher --who was very clearly looking forward to retirement. It made for a long year---but after 4 years of great teachers, we can't complain when we hit one that was less desirable. And on an even sadder note-Lyssie finished pre-school. Their presentation at the end of the pre-school year is mean---any parent with a dry eye would have to be heartless. I didn't need to cry yet---her going to kindergarten in the fall is already left me with nervousness and sadness. BUT I digress....our summer so far:
We hit Santa Claus, Indiana again and spent two days at Holidayworld. Very little sunburns and lots of water. We rented a cabin this time around, releaving some of my dirt stress, and had some good friends come along. As far as I know we all still like eachother and had a good time! Our favorite ride of all was the Wildebeast a water roller coaster--however a bit awkward. You place your legs on each side of the person in front of you's seat. Now assuming you are in a raft with those you know it is all good---however when you raft is NOT full a stranger is placed in also. It was a rather odd situation to have some strange man's hairy legs under my arms, while he talked to me making casual conversation. I figure it must have been some form of therapy.
We came home from Indiana for 5 days only to take a 2 week long trip to Utah. My parents, and the girls and I all drove out. I still can't decide if driving through the night was good or bad---it sure went faster and beat laying awake all night in a hotel thinking about the fact you COULD be almost the time you arrive you are dead for two days. So we wisely opted for a hotel on the drive back. We were able to spend some time with my Aunt and Uncle in Farmington and their kids and grandkids. In addition, my sister and her kids were visiting from California and it was fun to see Taj and Lo. My girls miss them a lot and couldn't wait to see them. Then Jason flew out and we spent 4 days with his parents. It was a full trip and I am always reminded of the dear people in my life that still reside there and the many fond memories I have of my time there. I even was able to visit Logan and felt a bit of nostalgia (sp?) flow through my veins. It's always strange to me that I forget that life has gone on and cities have changed while I was elsewhere. I really hate change, inevitable as it is. I really enjoyed visiting a couple of quilt shops---and loved enjoying fry sauce and Cafe Rio'. Torie is my child and loves fry sauce!
I don't want to bore you with name of people I saw, but I do have to make a shout out to them and let them know I love them and miss them all---SOOOOOO Garity--so fun to see you after almost 20 years, Jen H--can't wait to hear how your quilting goes! Bring Jaden for a trip- my Logan family--(YOU know who you are)--love you guys and so glad I got to see you all (except David ---maybe next time), Jen S.-crossing my fingers for you, Amy---See I doooo blog, Denae "ditto" , My aunt, uncle and cousins--thanks for being my family-you guys are great--BTW make Bethany join FB- Love you all.
Pictures to come.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What my Momma taught me...

Okay, so first of all, I have never called my mother, momma, but what my "Mother" taught me is far to formal for me:) With it being Mother's Day I thought I would write a little tid bit about the things I have learned from my Mother. My Mother is an amazing woman who gives of herself to others. SO here is what I have learned and appeciate:

  • Service DOES matter, and it isn't contingent upon how the other person treats you, I have seen her serve people that weren't always the best of friends to her, but she continues to give.

  • Keep busy, just because you are a "stay at home Mom" ---hardly means you stay there---there is lots to do and learn.

  • Learn, learn, learn--never stop learning, there is always more !

  • Don't say anything about a person behind their back that you wouldn't say if they were standing there

  • Being a grandma rocks!

  • Improve on something until it's the best it can be (her bread pudding, custard--trial and error)

  • Don't make your bed until you have said your prayers---every time I look at my unmade bed I am reminded of what I haven't done yet!

  • If you don't understand why something happens---"put it on the shelf" and you can ask God after this life what the purpose was (If you don't find out later in your life)

  • Do all you can to teach your children the gospel---even if it means whiney scripture study at 6 AM, and family home evening full of less than eager participants-sabotaging your every effort.

  • Don't refuse an opportunity to serve at church---

I am sure there is much more than this---but these are the things I have learned. I have been blessed with an amazing mother, who I do adore. Thanks for always being there Mom! No one could ask for a better Mom!

What lessons has your Mother taught you? Why do you treasure her?